What does the terms F.O.B., C&F, CIF and RO/RO mean?

See the glossary of terms section here.

Where do you buy your cars from?

We secure vehicles from all major auction houses and reputable dealers from all across Japan. We also purchase through online auction sites like Yahoo and private parties.

When are the auctions?

There are a number of auctions everyday of the week except for Sunday, over 120 in total.

What does the information on the auction sheet mean?

Please click here for information on auction sheets and vehicle grading.

How will you ship my vehicle?

Your vehicle(s) will be shipped via container or by RO/RO vessel. This is determined by your destination, number of vehicles purchased and cost. All of this will be discussed with you beforehand.

How long does shipping take to my country?

Please contact us for estimated shipping times.

How do I know if a vehicle is eligible for my country?

Although we have a good understanding of most of the import rules for many of the countries, it is ultimately up to you do determine if a vehicle is eligible. There are links here that will help you for a number of countries.

How much is shipping?

Shipping is determined by the cubic meter (m3) of a vehicle and will vary based upon the vehicle you desire to purchase and your destination.

Do you charge for an unsuccessful bid?

No, we do not charge for this.

How long does it take for a car to be auctioned?

The auction process is fully automated and swift. It probably takes about 10-30 seconds in total for a car to be auctioned on average.

What documents will I receive after I buy a vehicle?

After your vehicle has been shipped we will provide the following to you:

  • Bill of Lading
  • Export certificate
  • Invoice
  • Other documents pertaining to your country

What kind of maintenance is required for my vehicle once it arrives?

It is impossible to determine exactly when maintenance has been performed to the vehicles in a lot of cases. We recommend a full-service and thorough inspection prior to use once it arrives.

Do I get a choice in which vehicle you purchase for me?

Absolutely, the choice is totally yours. We just provide you with all possible information so you can decide.