Some additional info about buying cars..

Hello there! I just wanted to address some points that frequently come up during the car buying process or maybe some things that you might not be aware of.

  • When bidding on cars at auction the process happens very fast. Cars are on a schedule and when that particular car is up it can be auctioned in literally as little as 5-10 seconds depending on the price and bidding volume. This is not Ebay or other types of auctions that take days to complete. Before the scheduled auction time we must know your bid amount as there is no time to discuss or adjust during the bidding process. Basically you have to decide beforehand what the absolute most you are willing to pay for that car and hope it comes in less. This may sound odd but due to the speed, you have this determined. Please dont wait until after a car sells over your budget and say “i would have bought it for that”. This is counterproductive and inefficient. Give us the best price right away as time and effort will be lost over haste.
  • Many times we are asked “how much” is a particular car at auction is. For newer models where there is a large number of units of a particular type this can be somewhat easy. However, many of the models we deal in are 15 years old or older and maybe even a rare or hard to find model. With so few numbers of certain types only being compounded with the various mileage/condition options it isnt really an easily answered question. These are auction cars after all, there is no “set” price on them. It is up to you as a buyer to decide what its worth based on the facts/condition of the vehicle and bid accordingly. We can offer educated advise when applicable but its not as easy as it seems in an ever changing environment.
  • We get asked probably 10 times a day to bid or find cars from people who are not qualified to bid. If you do not have a deposit in place, have not bought from us before or have some other arrangement, we will not search for/inspect/bid on cars on your behalf. We have to prioritize our time with people who are committed and qualified to buy.

In regards to the above, waiting to get a deposit in on the day of the auction for a car you want to bid on is too late.

  • Be mindful of the time difference between where you are and the time in Japan We regularly get bids and car requests sent after the car has already been auctioned. The time in Japan is ahead most markets we deal with other than New Zealand/Australia. So if an auction is on Wednesday in Japan, it could be on Tuesday where you live so familiarize yourself with this fact.